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What Do We Focus On Next?

You got to love the media. The media has perfected the concept of the "perfect storm" and knows exactly when to pounce and when to back off to attract our attention.

I was at Starbuck's this morning when I bumped into Nicole who was ordering a soy latte. She asked me if I listened to the President on the radio.

Now don't get me wrong, but no one woke up this morning knowing the President was going to speak at 7:30AM. As fate has it I saw him on CNN at the Sport's Club getting dressed.

I can only guess millions watched or listened to Bush say absolutely nothing that made sense except that the issue is "urgent." We have been advertising and talking about Kemon Nights for six months and there are still thousands of our customers who don't know about it. And yet Nicole is listening to Bush at 7:30AM!

Today the focus is on the economy and the bailout. But let's stop for a minute and think about our previous focuses: Iraq war; $4 gas, Kwame; Hurricane Ike; $1000 gold; Freddy and Fannie; Kwame; 8.9% unemployment rate; Biden; Palin; whatever.

We know the bailout will pass in some version. The fourth largest bank, Wachovia, is history. The billionaires are buying the billionaires. In the meantime, we still have our lives to run and all this focus doesn't solve any of our issues.

What do we focus on next? How about us! As day turns into night, the media will find the next big thing to get us angry all over again. As we get closer to the election, I am sure this will play into their hands.

So how about us? The media doesn't care about us. The only ones who care about us are us! Now is the time to focus on 2009 and not only how we will survive, but how we will thrive. Now is the time to start thinking about our personal mission statement along with goals and objectives we want to accomplish.

That's what I am focusing on. In fact, at our Sales Summit this week, I will talk about huge changes taking place in 2009.

Those that want to put their head in the sand be careful--there's not much to focus on.

Happy Monday (unless you own Apple stock)!


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