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What Do We Need That We Don't Know We Need?

I'm really excited about July. Mind you, the month of June can take its time because Michigan summers are short enough. Running this morning in 43 degree weather confirms we need summer bad.

I'm really excited about July. We have lots of new products, a completely revamped CLUB1, a beautiful update to thebeautybook and the introduction of a new event.

I'm really excited about July. The new Kemon YO Mousse being introduced in July is already sold out. Finally a product for men that men are excited about. Which brings me to the point: What do we need that we don't know we need?

A recent U-M graduate looking for work sent me a few ideas. Most of the ideas were for services and products that we didn't know we need but ideally could work in the marketplace. I would share an idea of his but it would all over the net in seconds and he wouldn't be too happy.

Steve Jobs is coming back to Apple. Good thing for Apple. A new iPhone will be launched for $99 or maybe it will be free with any iTunes download. One thing is for certain, Jobs will create yet another product we need that we didn't know we did.

Let's speak beauty. What do you need that hasn't been created? What problem do you have that you are looking for a solution to? What ailment would you like relieved? When you walk out of the house in the morning, what is the one thing you wish you could do differently to yourself?

One of my friends hated turning gray (Yikes!). It happens. He was one of the first to try YO Mousse and his gray is magically gone without the hassle of hair color. He loves the look, the feel, and he loves when he walks outside in the morning. It's magical products like this that we want to develop for you.

What's on your mind?

Happy Friday!

P.S. Penguin fans, your smiles will be short-lived.


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