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What If Popular Vote Mattered?

  1. We would not be at war in Afghanistan or Iraq. Over 60% of the popular vote is against the wars.

  2. GM would not be working on its IPO (Initial Public Offering) due this November. That’s because the public was against the government bailout and GM would be shuttered by now.

  3. Citi, Bank of America and others would most likely be ghosts of themselves if they were still around. Popular vote had the bankers crawling on their hands and knees penniless before they got a government bailout.

  4. Thinking back on just these three examples, do you think the USA would be better off or worse off if popular vote mattered?

  5. Popular vote determines the winner of American Idol; it determines if millages pass or fail; it determines if Marijuana should be legal; it determines if new stadiums should be built.

  6. The question is then at what point do we legitimize popular vote and where do we draw the line in saying “our opinions do not matter?”

  7. And think about this: How much money is spent in advertising to sway voters to vote one way versus another?

  8. It’s very interesting to think about. With the mid-term elections coming up in November, what if the winning MI Governor simply listed 100 initiatives that needed to be done and let the voter’s decide on each of them.

  9. Happy Monday!


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