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What Would You Like to Win for Free?

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite radio stations was WDRQ. They played rock all day long but best of all, they had the coolest T-shirts. Problem was you couldn't buy them. You had to win them by being the right caller at the right time.

"If you are caller #93 and can tell us the name of the radio station, you will win a WDRQ T-shirt."

Back then, there was no speed dial. I was lucky to have a push button phone. I would call and call but only to get a busy signal. When the phone actually rang normally, my heart would jump and I would be so excited only to hear I was the wrong number.

Eventually I won the T-shirt but I needed surgery on my index finger from pushing the buttons so many times (ha-ha).

Fact is, we love to win stuff for free. I am in the process of giving away some MSU tickets to our talent and the response has been over the top. Some talent have canvassed others through email, phone, text, Facebook and one-on-one meetings. Now I know how the political process really works.

I figure this is the perfect time to have a salon contest and give stuff away for free. But what? What would excite you the most? Should the contest be for one winner or multiple winners? Should the contest span a week, a month or some other period of time?

Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!


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