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When Common Sense is Obvious

Life was easier when common sense prevailed. Back then, common sense was obvious. Today, many have lost what common sense is and are easily manipulated by others (media, friends, family) into making decisions that are just plain awful.

One scenario playing right now is the Presidential Election. In less than a week, this nightmare of a campaign will be over and we will have a new President. While I can't say who I am voting for, I can say that neither candidate has common sense and are talking pure gibberish. We need a new leader at the White House, not more of the same.

Ex-Mayor Kilpatrick lacked common sense. If so, his new home wouldn't in a jail cell. Employees who leave companies with no explanation have no common sense. People who show up habitually late have no common sense. I'm sure you have a bunch you can add to my list.

So exactly what is common sense? Sure you can look it up on Wikipedia and that would make perfect common sense to actually consult a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word.

Common sense is obvious to all without emotion. Here are some questions to test your common sense:

Which is more expensive: A Cadillac or Chevrolet?

Which football team is more likely to win: Mona Shores Sailors or Dallas Cowboys?

Which day of the week is busiest for restaurants: Monday or Saturday?

What weights more: a pound of bricks or a pound of M&M's?

Who is going to win a running race: LG or Shawn Peralta?

Now here is the key point to common sense that must be obvious to you by now: You made your decisions on ALL of the above questions without consultation of any kind. Why? Because of common sense.

We all need to use common sense more and get rid of all the distractions that cause us not to use it. Personal goals such as quitting smoking, losing weight, working out, reading would be easier to reach. Professional goals would be within reach.

So for one day, think about this and when it's obvious to you, make the right decision. When you go to Coney, which is more fat and calories: Coney and Fries or Greek Chicken Salad with low-calorie dressing?

Happy Wednesday!


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