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Which Line Do You Pick?

Perhaps one of life's great dilemma's that even Seinfeld hasn't addressed is: Which line is the best line to pick?

You're in the supermarket finishing up. There are five check-outs all with three customers. You push your buggy to look what's inside the people waiting in their buggy to make your decision. After careful consideration, you pick a line.

Invariably, you check other lines to see if they are moving faster. Sometimes to your surprise, your line moves the quickest. Then just when you think it's your turn, the cashier can't scan the last item and calls for a price check. Instantly and I mean instantly, you sigh, blood pressure increases and every second seems like a minute. Or even better, the person in front of you spends $17.42 and writes a check for $37.42 to get $20.00 back. The cashier needs approval and of course, there is no manager around.

Another instance of line frustration is at the airport. If you have to clear customs, which line do you pick? Once you pick your line, you identify an individual from each of the other lines to check to see if they are moving faster, slower or equal speed. If they are moving faster, you are cursing yourself for picking the slower line. If they are moving slower, you are pleased that you picked the right line.

Whether it's a line to buy movie tickets, buy goods at Costco or anything else to do with lines, we are enthralled at the speed of which line we choose. Why?

So which line do you choose?

Happy Friday!


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