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Who Says You Can't Be Over 50 on Facebook?

Facebook, MySpace and the trillion other social networking sites were designed by 20-year olds for 20-year olds. Sure there are plenty of kids under 20 and adults in their 30's and 40's on the sites, but the gist of social networking was for kids to have their own "place" to network.

I first signed up on Facebook way back in 2007. After looking it over, I decided I already have all the "friends" I need and certainly don't want to run into old high school or college buddies that all of a sudden want to be my "friend." So I stopped visiting the site.

For those that know me, I don't answer the phone at home, don't have a Blackberry so I don't text or respond to email and barely use 100 minutes a month on my i-Phone. So when my CFO brought up Facebook the other day I was shocked. And then when my SAP report guru was teaching me about reports, I learned that he was passionate about Facebook as well.

That was it. It was time to step into the social networking club feet first. Jason helped me set up Kemon USA, a group for everyone involved with Kemon including salons, hairdressers, coaches, consumers and so on.

Then we set up Kemon Days as an event and that was very cool as well. We added photos, comments and fun stuff. Finally we ended the session by downloading the Kemon Nights video into You Tube and linked it back to Facebook (which you can now watch on Facebook). All this took about an hour.

I now have more "friends" than the past 2 years. People are already part of the group and the event. Kemon gurus from LA and San Diego didn't waste any time. A couple BE's chatted me up that they were thrilled.

Now I'm not sure how long my excitement will last. I found out about walls, threads, pokes, chatting and all the stuff you must keep up with to stay relevant. Who has time for all that? But in the meantime, I must share some great photos of fellow Facebook "friends!"

Now I'm not making this up, these photos are right on the web for anyone to see. Here's another one:

And one more for the fun of it:

At the end of the day, it's one great diversion. But one thing is for certain: it is amazing how many people love this stuff even if you are over 50.

Happy Friday!


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