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Who Visits a Spa? Escapists and Hedonists

Yesterday I listed the 21 variables on why a person visits a spa and asked you to list the top 3 and bottom 3. According to Boger, the top 3 are:

8 (to relieve stress) 4 (to feel relaxed) 14 (to escape from daily life)

The bottom 3 starting with #21:

11 (to feel young) 12 (to enjoy) 5 (to feel refreshed)

Interestingly, for those that posted none got all 3 top or bottom.

The study goes on to identify two groups of people that visit spas- Escapists and Hedonists.

Escapists love quiet areas, private reading areas, no cell phones and a place for "cocooning."

Hedonists are searching for excitement and interaction among family and friends. This group tends to be noisy and may disturb the Escapists' spa-goers. Escapists and Hedonists don't mix.

I'm an Escapist. I want to be alone, relax, nap and the only thing I want to hear is the sound of spa music. Sometimes however I'm at the spa at a bunch of Hedonists (brewski's) show up and all they do is talk and make noise like they are at a baseball game. They completely ruin the experience but they claim since they pay the same entrance fee, they can do what they want.

The lesson here is for spas to cater to one group or the other to be truly successful. Larger spas may figure out a way to cater to both with different rooms and restrictions.

Tomorrow I'll write about services used in the spa followed by demographics and then we can see where we all fit in.

Here is a closing question for you: Do you view a spa as a luxury (once-a-year treat for birthday or special occasion) or necessity (once-a-month) to recharge?

Happy Tuesday!


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