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You Remember Five Years Ago, What About Five Days Ago?

New ground-breaking research is in. This comes from extensive MRI tests involving different age groups and it is extremely revealing.

The data confirms that both "Right" and "Left" brain tests and IQ tests online are bogus.

Just kidding! The data confirms that ones short term memory enters a different part of the brain depending on how the information is transmitted to the brain.

The research clearly expounds on the fact that when you read a book, newspaper or magazine, your short term memory will be enhanced by 50-100% vs. reading electronic messages, listening to news on TV or listening to words on a phone.

This has huge implications on learning. Textbooks are not dead after all. Why? Because the researchers learned that people read in different ways but using books and tangible reading materials allows the person to review any previous words, sentences or chapters that were previously forgotten or need more attention. When the information is oral or electronic, there is no way to recollect the information and consequently, the brain stores it in very, very short term memory.

This research also confirms that Boomers have better memory than X'ers or Gen Y (those Boomers that read books and newspapers).

So since this is test week, how is your short term memory? Without cheating and without taking too much time out, here is a great test to check out your memory. I preferred the numbers test first and then the letters. I'll let you know how far I got tomorrow. As far as the IQ test, looks like 139 was the high score (130 for me). But you know what they say, better to be smart than a genius!

Here you go: Memory test

Happy Wednesday!

Someone tossed out a question that was very interesting indeed: "What was the last new thing that you did in your life that you never did before?" The reason for the question was simple enough: We are

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