Out Of Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

Looks like both Trump and Clinton look like the candidates. How are you voting today?

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Why is it when we are driving and suddenly lost or unsure of where to turn, the first we do is turn down the radio?

To see it is to believe it: My 4-year old grandson plays games on both the iPhone and iPad and totally addicted. This is not good. I remember going to the restaurant and being thrilled if I was offered crayons that weren’t broken.

Why does both the NBA and NHL have best-of-seven series for the first playoff? Really, half the teams shouldn’t be playing anyway but to extend the agony just for $$$? Both the Pistons and Wings should have never been in the playoffs and are now showing the reason why.

Nail polish biz is down more than 6% at mass retail. Fake nail tips are up more than 10%. What is the message here? Gels are doing OK but looks like the party is over. Bottom line: Without celebrity status, updated colors are just updated colors and most consumers have more colors than they need.

Will spray on nail polish be a fad or a trend? No brainer here.

Next hot category in hair care is products for thinning hair, women in particular. Hair care is another category that can use a lift: Shampoo sales are flat as a pancake.

What’s getting hot and hotter? Natural and organic products. TNG will be launching some of the most exciting products in this category in July. Did you know the Simple Truth brand did more than $1B in sales last 12 months? Reason behind the push: MIllennials.

I think Billions is one of the best new shows in a long time. Final season of Banshee is going on, Alan Ball is a genius.

Tesla has presold 400,000 of its new Model 3 sedan and won’t even start production until next year. The average high production GM factory produces 200,000 cars a year. How in the world is Tesla going to produce this many cars? But at $35,000, it is the wave of the future.

Vietnamese nail salons are facing a new issue: They can’t find workers.

Does anyone buy cookbooks anymore?

The great thing about being 60? Listening to people complain who are turning 50.

Happy Thursday!


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