The Independent Hair Care Business Going Down The Drain

May 29th, 2015

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“Welcome to Gina Franklin, Larry! So nice to see you. Matt will be with you shortly. Can I get you some coffee, soda or perhaps a glass of wine?”

As I walk past the receptionist I head over to the coffee station where there are fresh pastries, bagels, assorted beverages, comfy chairs and current magazines. The salon is buzzing with women getting hair cuts, hair color, makeup applications and it’s like everyone knows each other.

Matt comes and gets me, wonders if I need a manicure and hands me a copy of the WSJ. After a long haircut and hot towel face treatment, I’m back to the receptionist to book my next appointment and be sold on the latest hair care items. Of course she knows I’m in the business and most likely we sold her those products but that’s her job. $60 later I head out.

The rise and fall of the independent hair salon business has been remarkably quick spanning only 30 years. Oh there are plenty of other industries that have come and gone much quicker, i.e. the video rental business (Blockbuster was an amazing story). The tanning salon business is 25 years old and struggling to stay alive. In the past five years alone, tanning salons have declined by a third  to less than 13,000.

I’ve mentioned the historical part of the rise of the independent hair salon business in the past and only Paul DeJoria is left to relish those memories. Everything else has gone down the drain. There are many reasons for the decline and one only wonders what the next 10-20 years is going to bring. After all, everyone still needs to get their hair cut. From what I can see, the usual suspects are at work over the decline of the industry:

  • Entrepreneurs came, sold, and were never replaced. The likes of Arnie Miller and Jheri Redding weren’t just about products, they were about inspiration for a new generation of guys who never envisioned themselves being hairdressers. Suddenly in the 80’s and 90’s it was cool to be a hairdresser. Then the entrepreneurs sold out to the likes of L’Oreal, P&G, and Henkel and that began the first transitional wave down. Guys no longer see this as a cool industry and beauty schools have been turning out 99.5% female hairdressers for the last decade.
  • Competition ceased and public companies took advantage. L’Oreal not only was the first hair color company in the world, they were astute enough to buy the best companies such as Matrix, Redken, Pureology, and ARTec (OK, that one they screwed up). In the meantime they had the retail consumer to support their expansion with brands such as Maybelline, Kiehl’s and L’Oreal. P&G got into the game too late with their acquisition of Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin, Clairol and Graham Webb (oops, that was a nightmare and too bad). Now P&G is unloading all these brands (Fekkai they paid $450 million is now worth $50 million) and even L’Oreal stated they are not interested in any of them. OK Henkel will come to the rescue but too little and too late. Unilever who bought TIGI, also has no interest in a larger footprint in this industry.
  • Competition among distributors went public too. Sally bought BSG and BSG bought the best of the best of the independent distributors. Today BSG operates more than 1200 stores and has nearly 1000 DSC’s. Salon Centric owned by L’Oreal bought the rest and this year will most likely buy the remaining Redken distributors. They have about half the presence of BSG. Combined however, they own the market and leaves companies such as TNG to focus on innovative products that they can’t match or get involved with.
  • The death of the independent salon. My story to start this blog is true. It was all about the salon experience. Booth rental was an infant industry that took root in California and Texas and then Florida. The Midwest and East coast were anti-booth rental. But hairdressers are an interesting group. History has always dictated that the salon owner made out like bandits offering only 40% to 50% commission. The rise of male hairdressers moved the needle to 60% and even 70% commission to retain the best. And even that didn’t work. Salon walk-outs became as common as salons closed on Monday. Eventually salon owners had enough and booth rental gained traction. Chain accounts with their franchisees saw a new opportunity at the same time with the proliferation of beauty schools churning out hairdressers with no where to go. It’s no wonder that the life expectancy of a new graduate that stays in the industry is at the lowest point in history.
  • Retailers such as Sephora and Ulta enter and offer a superior experience for consumers to buy hair care products. Today Ulta is marching toward 1000 locations and its salon business has never been stronger. And factor in Amazon that has virtually every hair care brand on earth priced well below retail.

While all this is going on, what are our industry leaders (such as PBA) doing about it? You guessed correctly. They still flock to the trade shows and trumpet the virtues of education while the only ones attending are rushing to the flea markets in the back of the show with their empty roller bags. They still honor someone at the City of Hope dinner at Cosmoprof just like those diners on the Titanic who were raising their champagne glasses before the tragic accident.

The true winners in all this are L’Oreal, Sally/BSG and Ulta. I always applaud winners (unless they wear maize and blue). And I see them keeping on winning with no one to stop them.

For us, life is good. When you have $50 billion in sales between the winners, it only takes a few crumbs to make me happy. Over the past few years those crumbs turned into cookies, then cakes and suddenly we have a bakery. Our assortment has never been better and our customers love us for what we do for them. But when it comes to the hair care business, we need to keep the independent salon owner alive. One hint for them: Support independent distributors and manufacturers.

Happy Friday!

Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

May 7th, 2015

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You know it has been a long winter when you start to appreciate dandelions.

According to Elon Musk, batteries will never be the same. The founder of Tesla recently introduced two battery packs, one for consumers and one for business. These “powerpacks” will store solar electricity so the power can be used at night. Amazing concept. Here is a thought. If you can connect wirelessly virtually everywhere, don’t you think it’s only a matter of time before the plug becomes obsolete? Already Apple is focusing on wireless charging.

Speaking of plugs, the new CND LED lights are a huge hit. We sold out our pre-sale allotments and the Rainbow collection is sold out. We have more Bright collections that just arrived. But less than 200 remain and they will be gone.  And just announced, the new OPI LED light collections. Order early as these too will sell out quickly.

Jimmy Buffett is playing at the new West Riverside Park Detroit in June. What is up with that? I know Jimmy loves grass, but at his age, not the grass you sit on. And why is Zac Brown playing Comerica instead?

I’m very excited to launch Living Proof. Why? For once the roles are reversed. Instead of retail riding on the coat tails of the pro beauty biz, we get to ride on the coat tails of retail. The brand has an amazing story and real chemistry behind it. Now salons finally have an opportunity to offer a showcase brand that consumers are already familiar with. Official launch date June 5 available in stores and through our AR’s. Slam dunk, thank you ma’am.

The earthquake in Nepal was devastating with thousands killed and thousands injured. Worse there is so little infrastructure (the capital city Katmandu barely had electricity) it will take months just to get back to normal. At least there was a bit of good news in that the people that makes Pure Essential Oil Works Tingsha Bells survived and started a relief effort.

Our best selling ForPro Premium Flannel Sheet Sets are now available in four luscious new colors: Lavender, Ocean Blue, Powder Blue and Wisteria. Our sheets are so soft and comfy you never want to get up from the bed.

Speaking of getting a massage, destination spas have it down to a science. I get massages frequently and I have always said that I would rather spend money on enjoyment than spending money on misery. One night in a hospital is equivalent to more than 100 massages. Which would you prefer? The whole experience starts with the robe. There is something about putting on a robe that puts you in “the mood” to relax and chill out. And if you want the best spa “chill out” robe, check out our new ForPro Microfiber Plush robe. With these, I think we should designate one day a year, “National Robe Day.”

Who is going to be the next President of the U.S.A.? At any time in American history has the state of politics been any worse? In fact a new study shows that trust is an all-time low of our leaders in all areas. Who do you trust?

Happy Thursday!

Apple Watch & CND LED Light Make Their Debuts

April 8th, 2015

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As you know I am an Apple addict having just about every Apple product on earth. Our design team uses the latest and greatest Mac’s so in my world Apple rules (only Android people don’t understand this and most likely Google named it Android for that reason).

April 24 is National Watch Day. You cannot just walk into an Apple store and buy the watch ($349 and up to more than $10,000). Nope you have to register online for a 15-minute appointment. You see the executive in charge of sales is from Burberry and she wants to exact the same luxury treatment as Burberry did. In a nutshell, upgrade you to better watch bands and more silver and gold styles.

As an avid BusinessWeek reader, they just came out with their review of the watch. It’s 6 minutes but worth it.

Will I buy the watch out of the gate? Most likely not. If was bluetooth to my iPod when running, slam dunk. But you have to carry your iPhone to use most of the options. Most likely second generation.

Next week CND will host a live event kicking off their new LED light that is five years in the making. It’s novel design focuses on the fingernails and not the hand and from what I have seen, works well. It also features multiple timer switches so it can be used with both Shellac and Brisa. MSRP will be $299.95 but there will be plenty of promotions to offset the high price point. You can click here to see the exclusive promotion THE INDUSTRY SOURCE is running while supplies last.

To learn more about the light, this video is pretty good.

All in all April is a very exciting month with the latest and greatest technology being introduced.

Happy Wednesday!

Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

March 30th, 2015

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How about those Spartans? Even the most diehard fans including myself would have never guessed they would have made the Final Four. This is perhaps Izzo’s greatest accomplishment in his 20 years with State. Congrats to Izzo and the entire team. Go STATE!

L’Oreal has figured out to successfully sell products to both the pro and retail markets (does anyone care?). It is just another reason why salons are imploding while the booth rental market is exploding. In case you are interested here is L’Oreal’s latest retail color line to hit the market. Exert courtesy of CEW:

Covering gray just got easier thanks to L’Oréal Paris who, earlier this year, launched their Excellence Age Perfect hair color system, specifically targeted for those 55-plus.

Although the company produces a bevy of hair color products, this is the first one that addresses Baby Boomers, who continue to be a rapidly expanding segment of the population.

“The Baby Boomer woman is in the process of understanding who she is while recreating her life so she can have a second chance and new opportunities for herself,” said Dr. Alexis Abramson, Ph D, and Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expert. “ Excellence Age Perfect understands her from the lifestyle point of view as opposed to just the beauty point of view. History has pointed us to turning the clock back, but the Baby Boomer doesn’t want that. She wants an ageless look and an ageless lifestyle. That’s what’s new. The conversation about beauty has changed. What makes a woman beautiful has never been more interesting.”

To help speak to these women, the company enlisted long time L’Oréal spokesperson, Diane Keaton. “She’s truly a woman who inspires us and who we admire and we felt she spoke to the baby boomer generation,” explained Julia Yousseff, L’Oréal USA Technical Center Vice President.

According to L’Oréal, by the age of 45, over 50% of women are affected by gray. “73% of the women we interviewed said they don’t feel their age,” added Justin Giouzepis, Vice President of Marketing at L’Oréal Paris. “One-third said they didn’t want to be 25 again. 60% said they were more confident than before, while one-fourth of the women 50-plus feel beauty brands are not speaking to them.” Justin also said that these women are still in the work force, they lead an active life, have hobbies and that the end goal is to keep them in the hair color category longer.

Another bonus? The product, which took five years to create, is enriched with collagen and Ceramide R, which targets and repairs while adding shine and softness. It also contains restorative ingredients that help one’s mane feel volumized, thicker, and renewed.

As with anything L’Oréal develops, research played an important role. The company conducted more than 500 trials in three different countries, 2,000 applications in the US, and 10 qualitative tests were administered globally.

Other additions include bigger and clearer font size on the directions found inside, a dual-sized brush specifically designed for hard to reach angles, and smaller bristles addressing the scalp and hairline abound the face. As of now, eight shades are available with other colors following next year.

OPI is launching Colorpaints this May to capitalize on the small but trendy nail art side of nails. The key to the system is the silver base coat that makes the nail plate act as a canvas for the Colorpaints. The line will launch with 8 colors. You can use nail art brushes and dotters to create an infinite amount of designs. We tested it out and it works well. It can also be used as nail polish as some of the colors are pretty unique.


Speaking of nails, CND is finally coming out with their first LED light April 15. More details to come. $299.95 MSRP.

THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will be launching its VIP program for select TIS REWARDS customers May 1. VIP members will have the ability to receive new products for reviewing, receive the monthly sale catalog first and learn about new products as they come in.

Paraffin Wax Works new 10-MINUTE Therapeutic Hands and Feet have been wildly successful. Now that Thermasoft products are no longer on the market, spas are loving the benefits and results.

With both Easter and Passover this weekend, next week is the official start to spring, pedi season and warmer weather. Like last year warmer weather is eagerly awaited.

TNG celebrates 30 years in business this year and it’s going to be a lot of fun. 30 years is a long time and so much has changed over the years. So many names and faces along with companies are long gone. One thing for certain is the concept of reinvention and innovation is as important today as it was 50 and 100 years ago. All the current mania is in the technology field (apps galore) but I love the fact we are still a product-based company.

Happy Monday!

Out Of My Mind On A Monday Mornin’

February 16th, 2015

What is your favorite season of the year?

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Now that the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are over with, can we get back to normal eating patterns? Of course there is nothing like comfort food when the thermometer is below zero (caution, food alert below!).

While I didn’t have a chance to watch the 40th Anniversary of SNL, my problem is that I remember the premier season all too well.

Hot new hair products coming out this Spring:

Brazilian Blowout b3 Brazilian Bond Builder. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a one-step professional tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build bonds.

Pai-shau (Passion for Life) is the new hair care line from previous executives of Moroccanoil. The signature product Biphasic Infusion is a breakthrough elixir containing the highest content of their Exotic Tea Complex.

CND has finally unveiled its new LED light. Design-driven, the light actually cures only the fingertips allowing the hand to be LED-free. MSRP will be $299.95. Look for a May launch and we will have some extra goodies for the launch. It can be used for both Shellac and Brisa systems. To compliment the new light will be their Xpress5 Shellac top coat that will remove in only 5 minutes.

A-Cups by ForPro is a runaway success. So much that the starter kit is sold out until April. We are working quickly as we can to get new inventory into stock.

Also hot are the new 10-Minute Therapeutic Paraffin Hands and Feet from Paraffin Wax Works. Proof that innovation sells.

Paraffin Wax Works 10-Minute Therapeutic Paraffin Hands

Speaking of which Apple’s new iWatch goes on sale in April. $350 will get you a basic model, $1000 stainless and for $4000, gold. Rumor on the street is that Apple will deliver an electric car within 10 years. Can you imagine the technology behind that?

Here’s the thing about time. It zooms by way too fast but then we all want Spring to come as fast as possible. Does New Year’s Eve seem like 6 weeks ago?

Shake Shack went public and a business with less than $5 million in profit is now worth more than $1.5 billion. They just opening in Las Vegas and recently Chicago. 600 calories each for their 3 signature items: Cheeseburger, fries and fat-laden custard shake. An entire day worth of calorie consumed in 15 minutes (or sooner). But I am sure it is tasty.

T or F? We never get tired of looking at pictures of tasty food? But what is the burger without the fries?

OK, I knew it. You want the shake too.

Frozen Custard

OK now I am hungry. Looking forward to steam veggies and whitefish for dinner tonight. How about you?

Happy Monday!

Happy New Year 2015!

January 6th, 2015

How long will gas stay under $2 a gallon?

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The New Year came in with a bang with icy cold conditions and the price of oil plummeting as never before. This will certainly be the year of the perspective.

Perspective A: Gas under $2 a gallon is great news right? Sure thing for delivery companies, airlines and raw material producers.

Perspective B: Gas under $2 a gallon is bad news right? Sure thing for the part of the economy that has helped grow the economy over the past 6 years. Who wants to invest in fracking and oil exploration when costs exceed revenues?

Perspective C: Consumers will spend more money on goods and services since they don’t have to spend money filling their tanks? True but consumers have a history of fading their savings quickly and reallocating their budgets so their net gain is minimal. Hence the surge in new trucks and SUV’s and the death of hybrids and small cars.

Perspective D: All of this is bad for Russia, Venezuela and other oil producing countries? Yes but at what cost? Europe is tied to this mess and now Greece is getting ready for another default and with talk about them leaving the Euro, what good is going to come from this?

OK so what does all this have to do with beauty? The same thing it has to do with who is going to win college’s first national championship and who is going to win the Super Bowl. Not much of anything.

Sorry but I have to mention that amazing MSU comeback victory against Baylor. Even non-MSU fans have to admit it was quite a feat. T or F? Baylor will be celebrating prematurely in future games?

Sorry but I have to mention the Lions finding yet another way to lose a playoff game. Oh sure the team and diehard fans can fault the ref for picking up the flag on the pass interference call. But really, the Lions gave the game away once again. If they just won in Green Bay, none of this nonsense would have ever happened and they would be preparing for this Sunday’s game instead.

Vicki Peters didn’t make it to 2015 passing away just a couple days before New Year’s. I knew Vicki way back when and she did a great job making a name for herself in the nail business. Sadly she passed away from cancer.

What’s going to be hot in beauty this year? Check out THEBEAUTYBOOK 2015 Spring edition and find out.

The Beauty Book

My next blog will mention my favorites for 2015. I will briefly mention the new Amber A-Cups by ForPro and Caption nail polish line by Young Nails as name-brand favorites. The concepts are amazing and products perform flawlessly.


This will be the year of the Apple watch, 5-minute pizza franchises and the end of cupcakes. It will be the year U-M fans can finally start smiling although those smiles will be short-lived. It will be 15 years since Y2K and one can only wonder where 15 years went. It will be the year both Bill Gates and myself turn 60 and TNG turns 30. It will be also mark my 25th anniversary and second grandchild (first girl!). It will also be the year that the FED finally raises short-term interest rates and both the GOP and Dem’s figure out their running mates in 2016. All in all, it will be another interesting year in which nothing really much matters except staying healthy. And with that my friends is my wish for all in 2015. The rest will take care of itself.

Happy New Year 2015!


December 12th, 2014

Do you plan on seeing the movie FIFTY SHADES OF GREY?

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The movie, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY premiers Valentine’s Day 2015. What a perfect day to launch what promises to be one of the most erotic movie series of all time. I read the book and let me say that it was memorizing and the expression, “Oh my” will never be the same. The movie should be extremely popular for the age group that spends the most money on nail polish so it is no wonder that OPI (now referring themselves as THE GLOBAL SALON BRAND) is launching its own collection.

The collection titled appropriately enough “Surrender to Color” features 6 iconic shades that reflects the theme of the movie. They include Cement the Deal, My Silk Tie, Dark Side of the Mood, romantically Involved, Embrace the Gray and Shine for Me. If you are wondering why you don’t see the colors it’s because I can’t post them until the new year. But let me say they are mostly gray’s with one standout red. (However, you can Google search and see the colors for yourself).

I don’t know about you, but this is exactly the sort of thing OPI and the salon industry need to do better: Focus on youth. Apparently there will be three versions of the movie worldwide: 2 rated R and one rated NC-17. I am wondering how many teenagers will sneak in to get a taste of grey.

Regardless if the movie does well or bombs, the pre-movie excitement is sure to build in January and up to Valentine’s Day. THE INDUSTRY SOURCE will be shipping the collections January 5 as they are made available to us. That gives salons and spas a good five weeks to get their dibs on the first 2015 sultry hot fad. Oh my!

Happy Friday!

Out Of My Mind On a Friday Mornin’

December 5th, 2014

According to Business Week, Taylor Swift is the music industry. Do you own at least one of her albums?

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Isn’t it strange how time plays game with our minds? Thanksgiving is already more than a week ago, Christmas is only 20 days away, yet events that took place in April and May seem like they happened last year.

If you are wondering why I haven’t blogged much lately there are a few reasons. One is that it is catalog season and today we just finished THEBEAUTYBOOK Spring 2015 edition. Second, the industry has been very quiet for a long time. And last, many of the things I want to write about will come next month as we have many exciting things happening at TNG in 2015.

Looks like Procter & Gamble is tired of the pro beauty business and they are selling their Wella division (includes Sebastian and Nioxin). They are seeking $6.2 billion and they paid more than $8 billion not that long ago. As the industry has moved to booth rental, the direct sales approach has become more difficult. Also P&G wants to focus on $10B+ brands and who can blame them? Who is going to buy Wella? If Unilever wants to play in the pro sandbox in a bigger way, it will pick it up to compliment TIGI. The other logical company is Henkel but with already owning Schwarzkopf and many other brands, this may be dilutive. L’Oreal would be interesting but then again, does L’Oreal need another pro brand? The last consideration would be private equity who has a love affair with companies that have a great brand name. But is there a single one that wants to get involved with hair color and education? Goldman Sachs certainly has its work cut out (yes, that is a pun).

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday both passé’ events, and with teen retailers struggling (Aeropostle is closing 25% of its stores; dELiA’s shut down; Five Below under target), what is retail going to look like in 2015? Will JC Penney, Kmart and Sears be around within the next 2-5 years? Shopping patterns are so different today. Fashion retailers such as Zara and H&M that can make clothes found on the runway within weeks and flash sites such as Groupon and Zuilly that offer incredible daily deals are doing brisk business.

What’s hot for Christmas? Anything FROZEN. Disney hit a grand slam with that one. iPhone 6. Apple can’t keep them in stock. Can you believe they will sell more than 80 million of them this quarter? But what other items are must haves? Even 50” TV’s at $200 are a yawner and tablets at $29 are ho-hum.

We are looking for the next Miracurl. C’mon Conair and Helen of Troy, put your creative minds to work.

I wondered when we selected the Jolly Snowman and Happy Penguin for Christmas which design would do best. Looks like the Penguin 51% over the Snowman. Who knew the Penguin was a Republican.

Are you loving gas at under $3 a gallon or what! in some places the price dipped below $2 a gallon. This is equivalent to getting a $500 to $1000 rebate check from the government. Winners: Airlines. Have you noticed ticket prices doing down? HA!

All MSU had to do was beat OSU at home to be in the championship game series. Amazing how the margin of winning and losing today is so narrow.

When was the last new brand of pro hair care or nail care launched? This tells you what experts all along have known as fact. Competition spurs innovation. Now that the industry is controlled by public companies, most of which own pro companies but they make up such a small part of their overall business, why bother with innovation? And start-ups find it near impossible to get consumer awareness and distribution.

Which industry has the most innovation this decade? Adult beverages. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is so hot production keeps on doubling and tripling. Craft beers, homemade vodkas and the list goes on.

Happy Friday!

Hong Kong Beauty Capital of the World

November 18th, 2014

Half of the USA is snow-covered. Are you ready for winter?

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Hong Kong is a true marvel. More than 7 million people live in the city in an area smaller than NYC. Hong Kong is divided by Victoria Harbor. Kowloon, the main city is one side and Hong Kong Island is on the other. The airport itself is only 14 years old and built on reclaimed land. The bridge from the airport is more of the same. Engineering all around HK is phenomenal.

Cosmoprof Asia is the largest beauty show in the world. It takes up the entire HK Convention Center. Now let me say that the convention center is five levels, each the size of a football field or larger. In all there were more than 2400 exhibitors and many had booths outside the main halls due to sold out status. In fact, there were a few in the bathrooms because they desperately wanted to be part of the show (OK, I may be exaggerating a bit). The show is three days and takes every minute to walk the entire area. And it is as busy as Disney World during Christmas.

The show features different areas including beauty salon; nails; skin care; hair care and packaging. By far the busiest area was skin care. I would say it was 95% Asian attendees, many of which were there for themselves. I found few Americans and a small percentage of Europeans. While the show was well managed you needed plenty of patience to navigate the aisles and restaurants. Few people were friendly or smiled.

Most interesting was the Asian obsession with skin care machines. There were more than 50 stands offering very expensive machines that did everything from cellulite reducing to fat drainage which is more amazing since the Chinese are not overweight. The nail care section was the smallest. CND was present but OPI wasn’t. Very few USA companies made the journey. Hair care was boring and there was nothing new introduced in the appliance category. I’m sure the factories are upset that Babyliss had nothing new for them to knock-off.

Although there was some cash’n’carry, there were few luggage totes being dragged around. Most people were well dressed and professional. Very if any big bags were passed out. Security was tight and badges were checked often. Compared to Las Vegas, this show is far superior although much different. One thing for certain is that this show is all about beauty and well worth attending at least once to experience it.

A few fun facts I learned being in HK: It is among the most expensive city in the world. Prices for food are outrageous since most everything is imported. Luxury car tax is 1.2 times the value of the car. 80% of the population practices Buddhism (visiting one of the Temples was an amazing experience while 70% of the population practices Daoism (many practice both). 35% of the population lives in subsidized housing. Luxury housing starts at $1000 per square foot and goes up to $7000. HK is only 6500 miles from LA, a short 13 hour flight! HK became part of China in 1997 after being ruled by the British. Smoking is prohibited in public spaces. And finally HK is ultra clean, ultra modern and very safe for a city of its size.


October 23rd, 2014

How many charitable organizations do you donate to per year on average?

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Saturday October 11, 2014 was another magical day in downtown Detroit. More than 15,000 individuals gathered around Ford Field and partook in the annual ACS STRIDES walk. More than $1 million was raised.

TNG was once again a proud sponsor and this marked the 10th consecutive year doing the event. We have raised more than $2 million for ACS.

This year more than 150 walkers came out to support our cause and together we have raised more than $70,000 to date. The stories being told, the inspiration being shared and the hope generated all makes this an amazing event. The 3-mile walk started late but the sun was shining and smiles were seen all over downtown Detroit. Below are a few pictures taken by  our infamous photographer, H. Lots of fun by all.

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

Making Strides 2014

CND Shellac Summer Splash Collection
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