Out Of My Mind On A Thursday Mornin’

When do you fill your gas tank?

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Why is it when we drink from a bottle of water we always replace the cap even when we are sitting at a table? I mean really, we never cover a glass of water.

At what point to you feel compelled to fill your gas tank? The BUB’s rule is half, I’m around a quarter but some like to skate to the end.

And speaking of driving why do we turn the radio volume down or off when we are lost?

Because we have to think. So no wonder why we love music, no thinking needed.

Cosmoprof North America is coming up in a couple weeks. Moroccanoil has joined the exclusive group of companies that no longer needs to exhibit. BTW, the distributors are wondering how they are going to pay for drinks and apps on Monday night. If you are going be sure to stop our stand, 18074, and say hello. It’s the stand with the coolest products.

Speaking of the coolest products, thebeautybook Fall 2016 edition is out and I have to brag it is our best one yet. Just a few show-off products include:

Fizzy Bombs are going to be a homerun and so is our adorable gift pack with a $10 MRSP.

Too Naked Natural Seaweed Wax promotes anti-aging and removes hair effortlessly.

Pure Essential Oil Works Trickster Blend is an aroma to be appreciated and will surely be our best selling blend.

Organic cotton is hot and no one does it better than ForPro. Check out cotton rounds, cotton balls and cotton swabs.

Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals new line of butters, scrubs and soaps is to die for. I love the Aleppo soap and Organic Shea Butter Sugar Scrub.

When it comes to hair products, everyone is loving the XHI Magic Aero Mist spray bottle. So cool. And the new Magic Hair Detangler & Straightener Brush.

2016 is already the hottest year in history and now with the Antarctica ice melting, companies are starting to search for oil in the region and even plan shipping lanes. For us here in Michigan, it’s been one of the warmest and driest summers and so enjoyable.

Be careful what you wish for. 52% Brits voted for Brexit and now half of them wished they didn’t. Politicians tell lies among the truths and it’s the people that end up getting shafted. Now more than 3 million Brits want the question to be voted on again. We will see.

On the voting issue, can Hillary survive the email scam? We all know the FBI was heavily influenced in its decision, you don’t think authors like Grisham and Patterson make this bullshit up, do you? On a side note if you have not read Stephen King’s trilogy series starting with Mr. Mercedes, this is a must read of the decade. And Trump who has yet to pick a running mate (well either has Clinton). What are the odds he is upended at the convention and someone else is nominated instead?

Can you work at a bar or restaurant and not have full tat sleeves?

One person who doesn’t have full tat sleeves is Jimmy Buffett. Saw him at DTE and he was amazing especially at age 69. Rumor has it he won’t tour next year. It will be 30 years since that pirate turned 40.

Happy Thursday!


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