Out Of My Mind On A Tuesday Mornin’

February 2nd, 2016

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Timing is everything, isn’t it? One day you wake up and hit every green light to work. There are no idiots driving 15mph below speed limit. And other days you can’t catch a break.

Now timing is much different than being on time. How many people do you know are never on time regardless of the situation? These people are so irritating.

Now that Cruz cruised to victory over Trump, what will become of the Republican race? And why is Hillary even allowed to run when she should be in serious trouble for her email violations? If Sanders really is a threat, will Bloomberg come to the rescue? If you are into politics check out Showtime’s new The Circus series.

So Phil didn’t see his shadow and spring is coming with warmer weather ahead. This winter has been so mild there are people actually willing it to snow.

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday. Why does anyone care except for Carolina and Denver fans? Once again fans will be rooting for the ancient and old Peyton Manning just because this will be his last hurrah. What happened to all of Trump’s fans in Iowa?

Who would think that cotton applicators could be such a big deal? Q-Tips and cotton rounds have been around forever. But ForPro continues to lead in beauty product innovation and cotton is a big deal right now. It’s best-selling cotton round is sturdy enough to clean the face and remove makeup but gentle enough at the same time. Newly introduced cotton bands are perfect for removing nail polish, protecting skin against hair color and hundreds of other uses. The quality is superior and stands out. And speaking of cotton rounds, check out the new stitched cotton rounds, totally awesome.

Speaking of cottony soft, if you are into table paper then you have to try the new ForPro Premium Universal Table Paper. It is so soft you would think you are laying on cotton. Available in 21” and 27” widths.

Google will shortly surpass Apple as the world’s most valuable company. Both Google and Facebook have proven that today’s best business model is not to make physical products. Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t use both on a daily basis?

I can’t wait for Banshee’s third season on Cinemax. Even more powerful than Ray Donovan.

I love those new Marinara Pasta Chips. Unlike potato or corn chips, they are totally satisfying after eating only a few.

It’s the Year of the Monkey in China and most of China is shut down for the next two weeks. Can you imagine that happening in the USA?

One of our talent is quitting smoking and figured on saving $3500 per year. What would you do with $3500? Certainly not watch it go up in smoke.

Happy Tuesday!

David Bowie, Glen Frey & Bill Halfacre In Life & Death

January 19th, 2016

I admit I have several Bowie and Eagle’s albums and CD’s (more albums than CD’s). Heck I probably would have had a few cassettes if I didn’t toss those years ago (or was it decades ago?). There was nothing better than belting out a few Bowie songs in the dorm especially on a Saturday night when everyone was buzzed on acid, weed and/or alcohol. The Eagles provided relief and how many songs have equaled Hotel California since?

Tragically both died from diseases way too early, 69 and 67 respectively. Now they will join the legends of Elvis, Michael Jackson and Sinatra as making more money dead than alive. Already Bowie has 4 of the top 10 iTune downloads and the #1 selling album. The same thing happened with Elvis and Jackson died. Fans and fans-to-be couldn’t buy music fast enough.

My question is why do we celebrate death the way we do? Wouldn’t Bowie love to know while he was alive that he had so many fans and that his music was legendary? But no, media isn’t in the business of showcasing individuals until they die. It’s no reason why every major media company has a complete timeline of every famous person in the world and pays millions each day to keep the records current. Why? So when a famous person dies they can do an expose immediately.

Bill Halfacre sang no songs that I know about but then again I really didn’t know much about Bill. I mean he never came to my house nor did I go to his. We were never at any family events and perhaps had dinner once with other OPI folks. I could not tell you his wife or kids names. In fact I didn’t even know how old he was or how he died. What I do know is that Bill was George’s right hand man at OPI and whether people liked him or not, he got the job done. I also know he retired shortly after OPI sold to Coty and then became a consultant for other beauty companies.

But we all know working for a company like OPI and being around a guy like George was life at its fullest for Bill. Consultancy was the closest thing to retirement with still making a buck on the side. I think Bill enjoyed life and got to enjoy it much longer than either Bowie or Frey.

Here’s the other thing in death. When someone famous dies, media is all over it instantly. Everyone knows at the same time. When someone not famous dies, it’s the local network and/or family that spreads the news.

In Bill’s instance, I was texted by someone I have not talked to in months that Bill passed. Then suddenly I was hit with emails by those in the industry that Bill passed. A special tribute was being made, can you please contribute? Bill got his 15 minutes of fame after all.

Between you and me, I prefer to celebrate life than death. I much prefer to send a bottle of wine and note of accomplishment when someone retires. Back in the day retirement parties were as common as albums and cassettes. That’s when people worked their entire life for one company. These days no one does that anymore and retirement parties went by the wayside. I would have loved to been at Bill’s retirement party, he loved wine, had a quirky sense of humor and help make a ton of money for George, Suzi and Miriam. Parties are the perfect time to stand up and give accolades and tell jokes.

As I said earlier I really didn’t know much about Bill. Perhaps he had that party and I was not invited. That’s OK too. Bill deserved his accolades while he was alive as he was part of the nail business when the nail business was a family matter.

In the end we are here for a very short time. Stephen King’s new book, Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a winner, a bunch of short stories all about death and dying. King likes to tell his “constant readers” “God knows everyone has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.”

When Bill retired from OPI, I thanked him for all his years and wished him the best. I cursed him many times because no one could spot a barcode like Bill. But when all was said and done, he was just another guy living the dream. Amen.

Too NAKED Hair Removal Brings True Innovation to Category

January 6th, 2016

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Walk into any treatment room where there is a wax pot and the first thing you notice is the mess. Dried wax is on the side of the pot, on the top of the pot and everywhere in-between. The wax itself hasn’t been changed in who knows when and you wonder about the whole sanitation thing.

If you have used depilatory wax you know it’s hot, sticky, and messy. You tried wax cartridges to eliminate the mess but they don’t reach the areas you want to reach, are expensive and come in too many sizes.

Too NAKED just introduced the first disposable liner that fits inside the wax pot to eliminate mess, contamination and bring sanitation back to the treatment room. The idea is so simple it is patent-pending. The secret of the liner is to allow the liner to withstand the heat so the wax melts and not the liner. The liner is made with a special plastic and designed with ridges to keep wax melted uniformly. After testing the liner, it is so durable and cost-effective (about $.20 each) that it can be used for mixing facials, body wraps and even soak hands during a manicure.

Also making its debut is Too NAKED Balm with Decelerine Complex (DC). DC has effectively proven to be a key ingredient in the elimination of hair. After waxing, apply Balm over the treated area. The DC penetrates the hair follicle and over time reduces the follicles ability to regrow hair. Hence, hair becomes thinner and thinner over time. Balm also contains Allantoin, fruit acids, Aloe Vera and glycerin to reduce any redness during waxing.

Last but not least Too NAKED Azulene and Pink Pearl strip-free wax beads make their debut. Priced at less than $20 for a 28.8 oz. box, the product is about half the price of competitive products. Best of all, both products perform as well or better. Azulene is made from the finest wax and can be used on all areas of the body. Pink Pearl is made from synthetic wax free of beeswax (to those allergic to this) and is excellent for fine hair and sensitive areas.

All Too NAKED products are now available exclusively from THE INDUSTRY SOURCE.

It’s A Good Time to be a MSU Spartan and TNG Rebel

December 8th, 2015

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#3 in Football. #1 in Basketball. On our way to the first New Year Eve game (why would they plan a game on NYE?) vs. Alabama and 9-point dogs. Just the way we like it. It’s a good time to be a MSU Spartan.

But it wasn’t always like this. In fact when I went to State we had some spurts with basketball (Magic Johnson a bit later) but we haven’t won a national championship since 1966 (we have 6 to our credit) so this would be the 50th anniversary if we can pull it off January 11.

On the other hand U-M has won 11 national championships and has the highest winning record in NCAA football. It’s no wonder the state of Michigan has more Wolverine fans and can fill their 110,000+ stadium.

However times are changing. Izzo won the national championship in 2000 and has been in more Final Fours than any other active coach. Dantonio has just as an impressive resume and records are being made left and right. Even ESPN is finally starting to believe in MSU. This is our era and the more we keep on winning the more people in Michigan will be wearing Spartan gear and home games will be sold out regularly.

And nothing in the above tells the entire story how MSU has moved up in the academic rankings and is building a world-class business school on campus and medical program in Grand Rapids that features cutting-edge research.

I was at the B10 Championship game and a record-setting crowd of 66,000+ were there to watch the domination of previous unbeaten Iowa. Their fans came to support them (2 to 1) but in the end, they couldn’t help but to watch the winning 22-play drive demolish their hopes. The Spartans grind teams into submission and then figure out a way to win. It’s all part of Dantonio’s master plan.

So Wolverine fans, now is the time to trash the maize and blue and sport the green and white. The Salvation Army is taking donations all month.

It’s also a fab time to be a TNG Rebel. We are celebrating our 30th year in business  and having the most fun in the company history. As a reader of this blog you already know about our 30/60 Celebration trip to NYC. However this is the year that we collected more than $75,000 for ACS and went well past the $2 million dollar mark on our way to $3 million. Right now we are in the midst of collecting for Forgotten Harvest and donating time at the Baldwin Center.

TNG is one of only 13 companies to win the MI Top Places to Work competition 7 years in a row (since its inception) and we have finished in the top 5 four of the last five years. This is from a field of more than 1500 companies that enter each year.

This weekend is our Annual Meeting, always a great time and the team is super-primed. You can call it our Championship game and the best thing is we don’t have any opponent to beat.

I like to compare life at TNG to life at MSU. Both organizations strive to be the very best and have the best people working for them. We celebrate success and strive to do better each year. And we have great stories to share.

We even have Spartan Day in which our talent can wear MSU gear. I am happy to say that in 2015 we have the highest percentage ever wearing Spartan gear so we are leading the way. Yes, it’s a great time to be both a Spartan and Rebel.

Happy Tuesday!

Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

November 25th, 2015

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My favorite holiday of the year is finally here! There is nothing better than Thanksgiving. No gifts or religion to worry about. Just food, drink, sports and family. Looks like the perfect morning for the Turkey Trot, hope to see everyone down there at 5:45AM. HA! The Detroit Lions actually have a chance of winning their third TDAY game in a row. But the real star is the TDAY dinner. Personally my favorites are turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing. Mashed, rolls and cranberry are OK but real stuffers! Dessert? Pumpkin pie.

How about MSU! 5th in Football and 3rd in Basketball. No other college can boast that. If MSU can go on like this for another 20 years, then we will see more Michigander’s wearing green and white than that dreadful maize and blue. Warning: We must beat PSU on Saturday and avoid a tremendous game letdown. We are only favored by 1.5 points so the experts think it will be tight. I’m ready for Indy so let’s blow them away.

It was great to see Max & Essie last weekend in Malibu. Very nice beach homes, very nice weather and very nice restaurants. But nothing beats home cooking and the only thing Essie likes to do better than name polish is to cook. July 2017 they will be free to do it again, I am waiting patiently to see what that may be.

Does it seem like Christmas is only a month away? No way right? As usual the year flew by once Labor Day came and went. Loving this November weather. Sunny and 50 today.

TNG Worldwide is only one of 13 Michigan-based companies to win Best Workplaces 7 years in a row (every year the competition has been held). That includes four top 5 finishes in the past five years. No doubt we have the best talent in the beauty business.

With gas less than $2.00 a gallon are people spending more and are they happier? According to recent polls the answer is no. In fact gas prices ranging from $2 to $3.50 a gallon have little affect on behavior. Losers this holiday season: Apparel especially with the warm weather. Winners include salons and spas, restaurants and travel.

The pro beauty business has been unusually quiet in 2015. Where is the innovation going to come from next?

Got to love that Apple knows your driving patterns. Leaving the house, leaving the gym, going home, it knows where you are going and gives you the status of the drive. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Speaking of Apple, does anyone walk anywhere without carrying their phone? Once Apple Pay gets going the era of the men’s wallet will finally end. The government has to figure out how to get the driver’s license on the smartphone sooner than later.

OK, back to Thanksgiving meal. How long to consume 5000+ calories? No matter how hard we try, we are done eating in 20 minutes OR less (not counting seconds and thirds).

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Rebel Turns 60- Part 2

November 6th, 2015

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The 20/50 Celebration was the combination of TNG turning 20 and me turning 50. Looking back with all the stress of dealing with the business, this was my best decade. We took the company on a surprise overnight trip that was over the top (of course) and it’s hard to believe it was already ten years ago.

That was the decade that we finally got back CND and OPI, launched Kemon, attempted an ill-fated Texas expansion and started to focus on the next generation of customers and where the business was going. Perhaps the biggest driver was moving most of our own branded goods to the ForPro brand and the development of additional brands to support the new marketplace.

It was also the decade that we cemented our relationship with The American Cancer Society and now have been a major sponsor of their STRIDES event since its inception more than 13 years ago. And I am proud to say that collectively we have raised more than $2.5 million. We also added community ties to Forgotten Harvest, Baldwin Center and several others.

Fast forward to 2015 and TNG turning 30 and me turning 60. So what better way of giving back to our talent than coming up with the 30/60 Celebration. This would be a full blown trip of a lifetime weekend. Better yet, it would be a complete surprise for 10 months.

You can watch our WXYZ segment here.

On October 23, we departed TNG to the private terminal at Metro and 131 TNG Rebels boarded our private jet. We were whisked to NYC where we stayed in the heart of Times Square. Attractions included Grand Central Terminal, One World Observatory, 9/11 Memorial Gardens, Wall Street, Chinatown, Harlem, Central Park, Kinky Boots and the finale, private brunch cruise along the Hudson. Dining or shall I say feasting included Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, Carmine’s, Golden Unicorn and even NY pizza and strudel.

You can see photos on our Facebook site.

Turning 60 was one of the most amazing days of my life as the company went all out in its efforts to welcome me to the “60” club. My office was decorated like an ultra lounge complete with disco lights and full size Sparty. Employees showered gifts, cards and hugs. The main event featured lunch, a brilliant video highlighting employees, friends and family. And the grand finale was a Kinky Boots actor popping out of a huge crate singing me Happy Birthday. Oh, I cannot forget the amazing Spartan cake with my photo emblazed on top. It truly was a surreal day.

Alas, the 30/60 Celebration is over, turning 60 is over, and now it’s time to move forward. To tell you the truth turning 60 sucks as the only marketer that cares about your thoughts is AARP. Lo and behold, I am quite sure this is going to be another great decade as I’m now at the point that I can do as I wish and the major stresses of business are long gone. I am more excited about 2016 and what TNG has in store than any other year.  And if anyone exemplifies having fun while getting old it’s Warren Buffett (now get this, he was born in 1930 and is 85 years old). So if I can have as much fun as Warren, the next 25 years is going to be a riot. Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!

A Rebel Turns 60 and U-M Gives the Gift That Will Keep on Giving

October 19th, 2015

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There is nothing worse being a Spartan fan than going to Ann Arbor and enduring 110,000 obnoxious Wolverine fans. Traffic sucks and you have to get there at least 4 hours prior. Parking is $60 if you can find it. Restaurants are packed and walking 5 miles in the cold is the only thing you can do to stay somewhat warm.

This was the game of the year for both teams and having beat U-M 5 of the last 6 meetings, this game was pivotal to both programs.

As predicted the game was close throughout and State surely had opportunities to lead if the receivers didn’t drop so many passes. With the score 23-21 in favor of U-M and only 10 seconds left in the game, even MSU handed the Paul Bunyan trophy over to U-M. Vegas put the odds of MSU winning at .2. Yep that is two-tenths of one percent.

The rest is history and no doubt will be one of the top 10 final plays in football history forever.

As a State fan, I am very quiet yet excited to be 7-0. You have to go back to 1948 when a first-year Michigan coach beat the Spartans in year one. Harbough was oh-so close. But oh-so-close is only good in tiddlywinks and hand grenades.



Very, very happy Monday!

A Rebel Turns 60

October 14th, 2015

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Being a kid, at least when I was a kid, meant long summers playing with caps, marbles and riding my Schwinn Sting-Ray bike. I was addicted to Hostess apple and cherry pies ($.15 each), Snowballs ($.12 and the best part was pulling away the coconut shell) and Jolly Rancher Watermelon kisses. But being a kid was tough because the only thing you wanted more than anything was to get older.

Older we get. I never did like the expression someone once told me, “We are all dying once we are born.” There was nothing better than getting older.

The first school bus in elementary school. How cool was that!

Then the leap to junior high in 7th grade, now I was getting up there. But what was worse than being a “freshman”, you wanted to be a “senior.”

But being a senior was frustrating because you wanted to get to high school.

Finally being in high school in 10th grade (yes, I know it is 9th grade now). The big leagues.

Then the moment we all wait for, Driver’s ED and getting your license. That was a true milestone for me but unfortunately it just allowed me to do more errands for my mother. I never had a car in high school.

Next up was turning 18, legal to drink! But I wasn’t into drinking much even in college. Speaking of. . .

Who’s going to win this game? MSU! Freshman on campus at Wilson Hall. 6th floor. Nothing but girls, parties, pinball and lots of fun. True learning took place here, especially mastering the 4’ water bongs, winning in both euchre and double-deck pinnacle. It was the launch of Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door. LSD and streaking were in vogue (OK, I will admit to the latter, never tried the former). My sophomore year I got my first new car, bright yellow Camaro. Boy was I cool.

Turning 21 was the best as I was now legal in all states and off to Vegas with some friends. Vegas at 21 back then turned your head. And that is when I graduated MSU and went to work for a living.

Truthfully I think life’s age milestones are best through age 21. I always say if I knew what I know now then, how different things could have been.

Turning 30 was mystical however in my case. That is the year I started Nailco Manicurist Centers. Nailco was the first catalog company outside of California that specialized in manicuring supplies. It started with me and Sandy D. I will never forget our first “trade show.” We set up tables in a local hotel and did classes. Little did I know that everyone was expecting cash and carry since I grew up doing professional trade shows. So here I am with Sandy D. and a few others displaying nail products on tables. 400 nail techs come to the show (sold out) and demand to buy stuff. So I drive my station wagon (can you believe?) to the store and fill it up with all inventory we have on hand and drive back. Now I’m not making this up but as I pull up to the hotel entrance and start unloading the goods, some nail techs saw me and stormed out of the hotel wanting to be first to buy. The goods lasted 10 minutes and I learned my lesson. The next trade show was at the Hyatt with plenty of stuff.

The first 10 years was quite the experience and best to be young to take part of. I moved and expanded space 5 times and changed the name of the company 3 times. Started doing indoor tanning in 1990 (OMG, the cast of characters then was amazing: Rick Norvell, John Abate, Terry Katz, Trevor Grey, Bruce West Jr.) and spa in 1992. But 1991 was a pivotal year when CND decided we were too much competition for its full service distributors and cut us off (it was much later that we got back together). By the end of the 10th year, hair products entered the picture.

Turning 40 was all about Lordy, Lordy, Larry is 40. The BUB gave me a big surprise party and I had a huge party at our annual trade show. It was a fun year. But my 40’s was still a lot of work, struggles and learning the ins-and-outs of business. We lost OPI in 1997 once again to full service distributors not wanting to compete with us and we lost Cal Tan as we supported Supre in a major lawsuit (we eventually got them both back). It was also the decade that we finally settled on a company name for the catalog division, THE INDUSTRY SOURCE. Whew! And it was also the decade that we got into full-service distribution ourselves to really piss off the competition, then Maly’s and Beaute Craft (we already got rid of most of the others by this time).

My big acquisition at the time was to buy TIGI from the local distributor. At the time TIGI was nothing more than a stick (the first Bedhead product) but the Mascolo brothers knew a thing about education. We took the brand from $250,000 to $6 million before they sold to Unilever and we got cut off. It was also the decade that we won the Matrix contact and knocked Beaute Craft out of business. But alas, L’Oreal decided they wanted to own their distributors and we either had to sell to them or bite the bullet. Virtually every distributor sold except us and we bit the bullet to the tune of $17 million. Ouch.

Next up: Turning 50 and upwards to 60.

Happy Wednesday!

Out Of My Mind On A Wednesday Mornin’

September 16th, 2015

What are you doing with the savings from gas?

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I don’t know about you but did September come quickly and is it already half gone? When Costco has its Christmas stuff out already (do we really need to buy Starbuck’s Christmas blend now?), you know 2015 will be history soon.

Who eats bread anymore? Brownberry’s 100-calorie Sandwich Thins are all the rage. They are actually quite amazing, the size of a hamburger bun and you can load them up without breaking and very tasty. Two slices of bread are 240 calories. Now you can have a bag of Baked Chips for the same calories or better yet, save the calories.

With the price of gas going back below $2.00 a gallon and more SUV’s and pickup’s being sold than ever, why is the price of Ford and GM stock so low? Perhaps analysts are paying attention to the future. Mercedes just announced it will have an electric car by 2018. Meanwhile industry leader Tesla just got a perfect 100 score on its current model and is releasing its first SUV September 29. Remember how Toyota slammed the Big 3 when small cars were in demand? Gas at $2 a gallon cripples demand for electric now but the smart money is on electric in the future. Watch this and come up with your own conclusion.

What’s hot at THE INDUSTRY SOURCE? Pure Essential Oil Works diffusers and oils; Pure Himalayan Salt Works salt lamps; Paraffin Wax Works 10-minute paraffin treatments; ForPro Scrap Files; and OPI Starlight collections.

I am so excited about TNG’s 30th anniversary. In fact we are taking the entire company on a fab 30/60 celebration weekend October 23. It is a total mystery where we are going but it will be totally fun and memorable. All stores will be closed Friday and Saturday October 23-24. TIS will close at 12:30PM. You only turn 30 once!

Speaking of fun and a great cause, TNG is proud to sponsor ACS Strides October 10 in Detroit. Really fun this year is that the walk kicks off at Hart Plaza and the course follows the Riverfront. If you have never been downtown or experienced the Riverfront you will love it. Please join our team or come on your own.

What’s up with the pro beauty industry? Nothing. When was the last hair care company to start that made it? Although 10 years old, Living Proof is proving that pro and retail can co-exist. They are a model for the future of pro beauty. The one big test we will learn: How important is education? With booth renters dominating the scene, where is the $$$ going to come from to pay for classes? Eliminating that budget would be huge. Then again our CND Holiday workshop sold out 100 tickets in less than a week.

I’m addicted to Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps. So good. And so good dipping into one of those individual cups of hummus that Costco sells.

Now Jeff Bezos is in the rocket business. Bezos envisions people in space during his lifetime. Don’t bet against him.

Speaking of Bezos, I have come to the conclusion that America only needs 5 companies for 95% of its needs. Here they are in no particular order: Amazon.com; Apple; Google; Costco; and Starbucks. If you think I am crazy think about this: Not using one of the companies products for one week. It’s not possible.

And finally speaking of what is possible, is it possible that Donald becomes the 45th president of the USA? And Cuba becomes the 51st state?

Happy Wednesday!

Cosmoprof North America 2015 Overview

August 10th, 2015

Is The Donald for Real?

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As the only professional only beauty show to the trade in N.A. I was excited to see the new redesign of the floor plan and see what new excitement show management would bring. After all, the HK show is 5 times larger and Bologna, although not as impactful as in years past, still more significant than N.A.

Alas, the changes were both peculiar and “cosmetic” at the same time. The show floor was divided into three sections: Professional; Retail; and Packaging. Pretty much the same exhibitors were scattered on the show floor in different locations. Peculiar was the fact they had these “incubator” beauty companies  that were launching at Cosmoprof. Their location was in the main aisle with significant signage and marketing focus. Apparently the exhibitors that had multiple booth space were secondary in importance. Further it made the show feel like a shopping mall: Kiosks outside retailers trying to sell knick-knacks of all sorts. It certainly dumbed down the significance of the show.

For exhibitors Cosmoprof continues to fail to impress compared with other national Top 200 shows. The aisle carpet didn’t even come close to touching the booths which created many tripping hazards. Access to water and coffee is through stands only at $5 a pop. And why the show is open on Tuesday is dumbfounding since only exhibitors are walking the show floor.

The relocation of exhibitors was not understood. And why rep groups earned the best location is an interesting take on the industry. No other Top 200 show allows rep groups on the show floor and why Cosmoprof allocated so much space for them is questionable. Also unlike top shows, exhibitors are not given a pre-show registration list of show attendees with their email address and company information. This show is still geared more towards a typical cash and carry show.

With Mandalay Bay doubling down its convention business, space will be available for a much larger show. However I don’t see the show growing and in fact, the allocated space was not used. The continued policy of allowing companies to take suites off the show floor again downgrades the importance of the event. It’s time for all companies to be required to be on the show floor and allow attendees to stay on the show floor and not run to meetings off-site.

Another reality is that NAHA still takes place during Cosmoprof. Why? Further, salons are allowed on the show floor if they are PBA members. Why? It’s still not clear what Cosmoprof N.A. really wants to be.

One thing for certain is that beauty is more important than ever and will continue to grow. Retailers are increasing their space for beauty. Distributors are seeking products to take over the business from legacy companies. And with Coty’s acquisition of P&G brands, the industry is prime for a make-over.

Happy Monday!