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I was reminded today by one of my long time business pals who happens to be a rep, turned 70, and still “working” since we are his only account. Reps don’t retire, why should they? Speaking of reps, isn’t it amazing they are still around especially with the Internet, Facebook Messenger and texting? The boomer generation still depends on relationships for business while I think Generation Z will be more into social relationships. The two-martini lunch is already history and so will business lunches and dinners.

Did Fall swoon in faster than normal this year? It seems the mornings and evenings got darker quicker than ever this month. And is October 1 this Saturday?

Can MSU beat Indiana in Indy? OMG, I am hoping last week’s game was an anomaly. And can Wisconsin beat U-M at home? Let U-M win all its game so when it comes to Spartan Stadium October 29, our victory will surely mean something. And speaking of MSU, Dan Gilbert happens to be an alumni and a major announcement is coming end of October. Hey, perhaps Spartan Stadium is moving to Detroit!

Coty is being added to the S&P 500, good news for them. And they are in the process of moving to SAP and moving OPI to North Carolina. I’m always happy when we are 10 years ahead. Moving to SAP is worse than 20 dental implants and root canals. But both are surely worth it when done.

OK only 84 million people watched the debate, down from 100 million projected. That leaves 30 million more who would rather watch a football game. Clinton is smart enough to know saying one-liners is enough since Donald will continue to put his foot in his mouth. And sure enough, he did that more than enough times. But really if we are going to have a women in the White House, isn’t Ellen a better choice? And Colbert needs better ratings so he can be her VP.

So what is new in the beauty business? It’s been about as quiet this year as it has ever been. Perhaps the fewest mergers and acquisitions in history but that is true for most industries. The nail category can’t find the next big thing although the Asian community thinks dipping fingers using glue and powder is the coolest thing since Dipping Dots but those at least have some taste. The hair category can’t find the next dry shampoo although everyone thinks instant hair tinting with sprays and powders is the coolest thing since Roux hair crayons. Even L’Oreal is in the business with its retail and professional products. Yep Boomers and preemie’s will do anything to cover gray hair.  To me the industry is very “settled-in” and waiting for the next wave of entrepreneurs to step in. But it is harder than ever to make that first step.

When we have a choice why do we like to eat things out of bags? Just think you sit down to lunch with a bag of chips. Instead of taking some chips out of the bag, we prefer to put our hand into the bag, snag a chip or two and repeat the process. Even when we can pour some of the contents into our palm, we prefer to eat from the bag. And why do we put the bottle cap on the bottle of water each time we take a sip? Speaking of chips,  Ruffles baked Sour Cream and Cheddar are pretty damned good.

Elon Musk has us going to Mars in 40-100 years and it will only be $100K for round-trip tickets (peanuts included). His plan is to colonize Mars. Sounds fantastic but will he be able to deliver a Model 3 on time? BTW, what ever happened to all the flights to the moon? The USA and Russia spent billions.

Jeff Bezos will be the richest person in the world perhaps by the end of the year and for sure in 2017. Amazon remains the most fascinating story of the century. Besides everything they are doing, now they are putting their own delivery network to rival FEDEX and UPS. Amazon really is amazing.

Last thought: No fast food companies are more successful than the pizza joints. Both Domino’s and Papa John’s are at all time highs. Can Bezos make and deliver pizza too?

Thanks again JB for the reminder!

Happy Wednesday!