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Whether you are an aspiring or experienced entrepreneur, you need a coach. Why use a specialty or assistant coach when you can hire a head coach that can give you real life coaching utilizing more than 50 years experience being an entrepreneur? Here is what Larry isn’t:

  • Consultant: I’m still running a successful $50M+ company

  • Ex-Owner: Business changes quicker than ever, you need a coach that still has skin in the game

  • Ex-Executive: VPs at big companies are executives that carry out the mission set forth by the CEO. Mostly, they never ran their own company and have little experience being an entrepreneur.

  • Franchise owner: I don’t need to buy a coaching franchise; I still own my own business and have a vested interest to see mindlike entrepreneurs succeed.


Larry is a successful entrepreneur still running TNG Worldwide and introduces more than 50 new products a year. Larry has experienced working with start-ups to mega-corporations including L’Oréal, Unilever, Amazon and Ulta.  Along his path, Larry has had to make critical decisions (what he likes to refer to as “Chance Cards” in his book). Those decisions are what makes or breaks small companies. The more informed you are about making those decisions, the better decisions you will make. That is Larry’s #1 reason for being an entrepreneur’s personal coach: To help entrepreneur’s make better decisions.


Larry’s expertise and focus is helping aspiring and existing entrepreneurs set the foundation for their company and help to see it prosper through increased revenue, growth and career path.

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