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Marketing & Product Development


TNG Worldwide manufacturers more than 1000 SKUs in more than ten different countries. ForPro Professional Collection is a bestselling brand on Amazon and has more “Best-Sellers” and “Amazon Choice” badges than any other beauty brand. Ginger Lily Farms is the best-selling brand of one-gallon sizes of personalcare and household care products on Amazon


As an expert in marketing and product development, I can help you with the following critical take-aways to jump start your company’s launch and growth:

Logo Design: They say that “self-love” is the most important love because if you don’t love yourself, then you can’t love others. Your logo is a reflection on you and it’s the self-love your business needs to get started. Our in-house team will create a logo that you will fall in love with. Average design time: 10-20 hours

Label & Packaging Design: If you love our label and packaging design, then we can create label and packaging design for your own products that you will love. Average design time per label: 2-5 hours


Amazon A+ Page: Congratulations! You decided to launch your product(s) on Amazon. Now you need an A+ page created and specific photos of your products for the top left of the page. Our expert team can create everything you need to successfully launch your products. Includes all copy and photography. Average design time per page: 10 hours


Sourcing: You have the product idea but you don’t know where to get the product made. We partner with more than 200 factories worldwide and have unlimited resources to source any product to fit your specification. However, not all products can be sourced and I will let you know once the application is reviewed. Average sourcing rate: $500

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